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  • Mysore is a self-paced class where the instructor provides individual teaching to each student in a group practice setting.
  • Students learn at their own speed and are guided through a customized practice one pose at a time. As you become more familiar, you will develop more independence, receiving assistance and adjustments only when needed.
  • This is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga yoga. All levels are welcome, beginner and experienced practitioners alike!
  • Mysore style is an open practice time. You may start your practice anytime within the scheduled hours. Simply start with enough time to complete your practice before the scheduled hours end.

Beginner Mysore

  • This beginner class offers an introduction to the Ashtanga yoga method suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness.
  • Students will receive individual instruction to learn the initial sequence of the Ashtanga practice, pose by pose. The instructor will give you one-on-one guidance, cues, and modifications to provide an accessible approach to the practice.
  • All levels are welcome, from brand new beginners to those with an established practice. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Led Primary Series

  • In led class, we follow the teacher’s count and pacing through all of the Ashtanga Primary Series postures. Led class is an important complement to the regular Mysore practice. It’s an opportunity to learn the elements of the postures and the correct vinyasa and transitions. For students with an established Ashtanga practice.

Led Half Primary Series

  • Accessible to all students, this class will focus on the basics of a led Ashtanga yoga practice. Suitable for beginners and those with previous yoga experience or an existing Ashtanga practice. We will cover the poses in the first half of the Primary Series, offering modifications as needed.

Ashtanga 101

  • In this four-week series, new students will learn the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga in a supportive group setting. We will cover the basic technique for breathing and movement (vinyasa), focused gazing (drishti), and the initial sequence of the poses.
  • In addition to posture alignment and variations, students will also be introduced to philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga system and the benefits of practicing in a Mysore style class.
  • We will guide you toward building a healthy and sustainable, long-term Ashtanga yoga practice.
  • Class size is limited to allow for more individual attention, so PRE-REGISTRATION is required. Class meets once per week at the scheduled time.
  • For first-time students, the course fee also includes four-weeks of unlimited access to all Mysore classes.

Mindfulness & Breath

  • In this weekly class, we will use mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques to supplement your yoga practice. Techniques will calm the mind and body with focus on breath.
  • At the end of class, there will also be time to discuss specific practice questions. Great for beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike.

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